Gina Amador – from Santa Maria – United States
smokes Pupla Basic Edition

PuPla cigars are excellent, with a smooth and well-balanced flavor. The draw is effortless, and the aroma is full of rich, earthy notes. The burn is even and consistent throughout, which makes for an enjoyable smoking experience.

Maria Riedyk – from Edmonton – Canada

smokes Pupla Secret Edition

Love the fantastic taste and the relaxing endeavor is a wonderful experience each and every time.

Kay Abott – from Quesnel -  Canada
smokes Pupla Silent Smoke Edition

I like the smooth creamy flavor with the cedar wood taste.

Ebaa Abdelfadeel – from Middleford – United States
smokes Pupla Silent Smoke Edition

I've only had a couple with a friend on special occasions, but wow! Creamy flavors and smells, strong but not harsh, MUCH better than the cheaper things I usually smoke. I dream of one day having enough money to keep these in regular stock!

Erin Thayer – from Raymond-United States
smokes Pupla Basic Edition

They are amazing. The quality and fragrance has me. Hooked.


Sean Redican – from Toronto – Canada

smokes Pupla Silent Smoke Edition

I love the taste.

Josh Long from Rapid City – United States

smokes Pupla Basic Edition

Rad-best damn cigars ever made.

Jessica Becerra from Saskatoon – Canada

smokes PuPla Basic Edition

My husband is Hispanic, and he highly recommended these, we gifted them to the men at our wedding!

Lawrence Pickrem from Ellershouse – Canada

smokes PuPla Basic Edition

I really enjoy the smooth flavor and long burn time of these fine cigars.

Ryan ONeil from Los Angeles – United States

smokes Pupla Basic Edition

I was gifted a PuPla Aristocrat from an associate at work from the Dominican Republic, and it was the best cigar I have ever smoked! Well-balanced with a modest complexity, the smooth flavor lasted long after I was finished with it.

Dee Butler from Vancouver – Canada

smokes PuPla Basic Edition

Love the tobacco and the way it's rolled and the nice even burn while smoking your cigar.

Philipp Koch from Kimberley – Canada

smokes PuPla Basic Edition

I line great! Good balanced flavor.

Chelsea Elliffe from Astoria – United States

smokes Pupla Basic Edition

I like to enjoy the Pupla cigars on a warm evening, preferably by the beach, for the ultimate relaxing experience.

Maria Geoffrion from Wickliffe – United States

smokes Pupla Basic Edition

I love them, they taste amazing!

Elisabeth Samson from Levis – Canada

smokes PuPla Basic Edition

Un tabac pure à la bonne humidité qui tire bien sans s'éteindre, pas trop sucré ou épicé.