Why are PuPla cigars not sold in any store worldwide?

Only in this way can we prevent the correct storage and sale of counterfeits.

Why is the storage of PuPla cigars so important?

Beetle-infested, dried and damaged cigars know every cigar lover.

We store the cigars until sale under optimal conditions and deliver, after the order, in the fastest way directly to the end customer.

Why are PuPla cigars so limited?

Only in this way can we guarantee the unique quality of ULTRA HIGH CLASS PREMIUM cigars.

Why do all PuPla Premium cigars come in a cedar wood tube?

The cedar - Tube protect the cigars and act like a humidor, allowing the cigars to refine during storage continuously.

What does the production with the OSELE method mean?

The Osele method is a production process developed over 15 years to achieve a perfect blend and production of cigars.

Why PuPla Premium cigars have a ring gauge of only 48 to 52?

Mathematical calculations and series of experiments have shown that with certain lengths and diameters, a better burn and a more constant heat is achieved. This significantly improves the enjoyment.