A PuPla cigar deposit is crisis-proof,
risk-free and possible worldwide.

A purchase guarantee secures your complete investment at 100%.
A potential loss of the deposit is excluded with a PuPla cigar deposit from day one.

This is unique and beneficial for the investor!

We help investors seeking alternative assets,
discreet management and professional service of their cigar investments.

Invest in cigars – a discreet and rewarding
alternative for your portfolio!

You get the first profit of 40% right at the time of purchase.

Invest in the future with risk-free cigar deposits.

PuPla Cigars SRL. offers a unique investment opportunity with risk-free PuPla cigar deposits.

Discover the world premiere of investing in cigars.

With simple online purchasing options worldwide, investing wisely has always been challenging.

This page will show you how to choose an exceptional PuPla cigar portfolio, a unique and future-oriented form of investment worldwide that offers high returns and guarantees 100% security.

Introducing PuPla Cigar Portfolios as a secure
and future-oriented forms of investment.

What are PuPla cigar portfolios?

A cigar portfolio is a unique investment product where you buy an exclusive selection of ultra-high-class premium cigars from the PuPla Cigars brand.

Then the cigars are stored in our company under optimal conditions

PuPla cigars are precious but also strictly limited worldwide.

Thus, the depot purchase per year is also minimal.

The advantages of PuPla cigar portfolios

PuPla cigar portfolios offer several advantages over conventional forms of investment:


  • Security: A repurchase agreement guarantees the repurchase of the cigars, so you are always protected from losing money.

  • Future-oriented: Worldwide demand for limited PuPla cigars is rising steadily, promising a long-term increase in the value of the investment.

  • Uniqueness: PuPla Cigar Deposits is a world novelty offering a unique investment opportunity.

What are PuPla cigar depots?

A PuPla Cigar Depot is a special investment product where you invest in an exclusive selection of ultra-high-class premium PuPla brand cigars. These cigars are not only precious but also very limited worldwide.

How to buy a PuPla cigar store?

A straightforward process. You choose the cigars you want and determine the term, ranging from 24 to 60 months. After payment, you will receive a certificate of ownership with number of cigars and deposit number by mail.


What happens to my cigars after I buy them?

Immediately after purchase, your cigars are stored in the depot warehouse under optimal conditions. From this moment on, Heyool LLC. in Miami - Florida, will take over the administrative management of your cigar depot. Your cigars are immediately insured for the amount of their purchase price.


Who is in charge of my cigar deposit?

The Heyool LLC. supervises the storage of your deposits and, after the contract period, also handles the sale through the websites of PuPla Cigars SRL.

Also, the disbursement or the re-purchase is done by Heyool LLC. on your behalf. The deposit holder never appears by name.


Can I buy multiple deposits?

While stocks last, you can purchase an unlimited number of deposits.
Due to the strong limitation, the annual production can be sold out after only a few months.

PuPla cigars are known for their excellent quality and are appreciated by cigar lovers worldwide. This leads to steady demand and an increasing Performance of the cigars.


How is my investment amount protected?

With the purchase of a deposit, your cigars are directly protected with the purchase guarantee. This means: After the expiration of the contract period, Heyool LLC. offers your cigars for sale. If the offered cigars do not find a buyer within 6 months, PuPla Cigars SRL. undertakes to buy your cigars back from you at the original purchase price. Thus, your investment capital is always 100% secured.


Can I extend the deposit term to a later date?

Up to one month before the end of the existing contract period, you can extend the term to a maximum of 60 months. After 60 months, there is an automatic liquidation of an existing deposit.


How does the instant profit of 40% come about?

If you buy cigars for a deposit, you pay only 60% of the normal selling price.

Thus, you make a profit of 40% since the company PuPla Cigars SRL. does not have to pay export, packaging, transport or taxes. This saving is passed directly to you.
With the savings, a $3,170.00 box of cigars costs only $1,900.00.



Do I have to pay a fee for custody account management?

No, there are no hidden costs or administrative fees. The company PuPla Cigars SRL. pays the expenses of the depository management to Heyool LLC.

Only after the deposit is closed and the sale is successful will a commission of 2% of the sale amount be charged to Heyool LLC. and invoiced to the seller.

Cigars as a safe investment.


While most people buy cigars to smoke, some buy them as long-term and short-term investments.

Like fine wine and works of art, PuPla cigars increase in value with age, and limited edition cigars, particularly, are very popular with investors and buyers.

If the money is in the bank, it yields little to no return these days.

Some investors, therefore, try their luck with shares, funds or cryptocurrencies.

These investments are subject to a certain degree of risk.

Alternative investments in tangible assets offer an attractive opportunity to achieve a secure increase in value.

Are cigars worth investing in?

When you think of investments, you don't necessarily think of cigars. It behaves with cigars, as with good wine.

The more extraordinary and rare an object is, the more it is worth investing in.

We want to show you a few examples from which you can see possible returns with such collectibles.

Thus, in 2010, a Romeo y Julieta cigar was sold for £ 11,500 after the original purchase price of these rare cigars was £ 70.


Another example is the Punch Diademas, priced initially at € 200 (10 pieces) and now selling for €800.


These are just two examples that show that cigar investments can pay off.

We want to explain another calculation example with limited PuPla Edition to determine your winning possibilities.

The customer purchases a box of PuPla Secret with 10 cigars at the deposit price of $ 1,902.00.

Since the actual market value is $3,170.00, the customer makes a profit on the purchase of $ 1,268.00

After 36 months, the actual selling price is about $ 4,130.00,

so an increase of 

       960,00 $ Value gain

+ 1.268,00 $ Purchase profit

= 2.228,00 $ Total profit.

This means:

The investor more than doubled his investment number.

Usually, you can expect at least a doubling of the original value for 3 years.

However, it is essential to mention here that there is no guarantee of an increase in value.

But the repurchase guarantee is always valid and therefore the investment sum is always secured. The investor cannot make a loss with his deposit.

Thus, there are always 3 options if the cigars do not find a buyer.

1. Extend the deposit term free of charge and offer again after expiration.

2. Purchase of the cigars by PuPla Cigars

3. Keep the delicious and valuable cigars and enjoy them yourself.

The most important thing in the storage of limited cigars are humidity, temperature and the expertise. This is the basis for the profit!

Only in this way the value of the cigars increases day by day.

PuPla Cigars has specialists who manage their portfolio famänisch.

Thus, the increase in value is as good as certain.

Real professionals such as the company Heyool LLC and Pupla Cigars SRL will take over the complete storage of valuable cigars from you.

Considering all the essential factors, your cigars will become more valuable and sought after by aficionados with each day of storage.


The storage makes the difference!

For long-term aging, cigars should be optimally stored slightly less humid and relatively cool compared to the standard storage
(for example, 65% and 18 - 20 degrees Celsius).

Like wine, cigars can contain tannins.

And just as with wine, these are conducive to long-term aging. You can recognize them by the dry mouthfeel they tend to leave behind.

Moreover, exceptionally flavorful, "strong" (nicotine content) cigars are best suited for long-term maturation.

Nicotine is a degradation product that completely disappears during maturation - and, if necessary, gives special taste experiences room to unfold.

Limited editions are often already pre-aged.

It should be noted that limited editions are usually made from tobacco, which has been stored in the tobacco bale for several years.

This makes the cigars particularly valuable.

A certificate sample



After buying a cigar deposit, you will receive a certificate without a name.


After the expiration of the deposit term and sale of the cigars, a new certificate is issued in the name of the buyer.


If you do not want to sell your cigars and prefer to keep them, a new certificate with your name will be created.


If your cigars are purchased from PuPla Cigars SRL. the certificate will be declared invalid.

Secure your first cigar deposit now.

Invest in cigars and see your portfolio increase in value!