Honestly, there is no such thing as 100% organic cigars.

In tobacco cultivation, almost all use fertilizers or additives that contain chemicals.

But what we can guarantee:

We buy tobacco only from reputable companies that we have known for years.

We do not use any additives or chemicals in the entire manufacturing process.

All cigars are produced organically.

We do not use poisons or pesticides for pest control.

We are against exploitation and source our tobacco only from producers who pay their employees fairly.

We pay our employees wages that are far above the legal requirements.

Throughout the manufacturing process, the health of our employees is paramount.

My name is Hermann Osele, I founded PuPla Cigars SRL. in 2007 in the Dominican Republic.

Since then, we have created and manufactured the most valuable cigars in the world.

Everyone is invited to come and see how we are made and have our unique manufacturing method explained to them.

We don't just say it. We do it:

We make the best cigars in the world!

I stand by that with my word.

Hermann Osele