PuPla Cigars SRL. was founded in 2007 and has become (worldwide) a manufacturer of the best premium cigars in recent years.

The production process with the OSELE method is much more complicated and costly.

Everything takes many times more time and the cost of materials is much higher than in producing normal premium cigars.

A small, almost family business with only 20 employees is revolutionizing the production of premium cigars.

In Yasica (Dominican Republic), these precious ULTRA HIGH CLASS PREMIUM cigars are made!

Noble customers from all over the world smoke the noble creations from the most exquisite tobaccos.

A strictly limited production and many other factors guarantee the unique quality of PuPla cigars.

The specially developed “OSELE method” creates hand-rolled cigars of the highest perfection and blend.

A revolutionary manufacturing process that ensures the exact creation and processing of precious tobacco.